Become a digital character
using just a microphone


Show up in your next video call as a digital avatar with AiCast!

Choose from a diverse selection of characters and environments or impersonate a 3rd party branded character from your favorite game or movie. Your digital double can represent you in a variety of scenarios such as work meetings, chat with friends, online lessons, game streaming, customer support and more. AiCast uses only your microphone as input, provides greater privacy, and allows you to engage with your audience.

How Does It Work?

AiCast incorporates Red Pill Lab's patented AI technology to animate digital characters in real-time using only voice input. After installing AiCast on Windows a new camera device will show up which can be used in any video software such as Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, Google Duo etc.



  • 5 min broadcasting per day
  • Pay per use
$0.25 / min
  • Unlimited broadcasting time
$29 / month
  • Custom Characters
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Share Options
Need More?

Red Pill Lab


Red Pill Lab applies deep learning algorithms to optimize the workflow of real-time character animation. The mission is to solve the expensive cost of conventional motion capture system.

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Its voice-to-facial engine and full body IK-solver work together to add a new level of realism to virtual characters in many industries.

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